Booking Your First Escort

first-dateSo you have finally made a decision to hire your first escort. It’s normal to be anxious to see or meet an escort for the first time. Many feel nervous how to present themselves and unsure about how to get things started. It is more difficult for you if you are shy and nervous. It’s common to see guys being nervous when they meet escort and take first steps. However, being prepared as much as possible gives the best shot of having a great first time experience with an escort. This article will help you get prepared about your first booking with an escort in Newcastle.

An important thing to note down here is that every escort has her own way of doing the things. If you have certain preferences then you must inform your escort agency in prior. It could be possible that you may not find the exact lady you are looking for in the first time, so you need to be flexible on preference of lady as you see. In order to find the right escort, you can either contact local escort agency or directly contact an independent escort. Many people prefer to choose an online escort agency mainly because you can trust an online escort agency and their standards. You can go through the online profile of girls and choose a girl depending on her looks and figure. One thing you can be sure about is that escorts are professionally trained to comfort their clients and give them the best experience. So you can book an appointment either at a hotel or home carefree without worrying about keeping the meeting completely private and secret. There are certain guidelines that can help you get prepared before she arrives.

first-escortBefore she arrives

If you are expecting an escort and waiting anxiously for her, it is better to not to get drunk while waiting. Instead, you must think of it as a date with added benefits. So if you are alone at home or in the hotel room, make sure that you get the space tidy especially the bathroom since she may use the bathroom as soon as she arrives and gets dressed in sexy clothes. Escorts even use a bathroom after completing their meeting with clients in order to get clean and ready, so you must have few clean towels ready. Just like a date, you must be clean and dressed with mouthwash and brushed teeth’s.

After she arrives

When your escort arrives, you can be friendly with her and welcome her just like any other regular guest. Give her some time to relax by offering her water and perhaps a look around the house. Also it is best to pay her in advance as soon as she arrives. Most ladies prefer to take cash in an envelope rather than in messy way. Sooner she gets her money and this way she will be more inclined to get things started. In case the escort uses her phone then you must never take it personally. Let her connect with the agency and sort her things out. This is important for her safety so that the agency can come to know that everything is fine about the client. It could be rude to start grabbing her and kissing her everywhere as soon as she arrives. Let her feel comfortable and take the first step.

Health and hygiene

Maintaining a good hygiene and understanding all sexual health things are important if you are planning to meet an escort for the first time. Some escorts may ask to do a health check on you as she takes a look around at you. It may sound awkward but a good escort will make this health check completely fun for you. There is nothing to be scary but they will keep a discreet look at your parts down there before getting things started. Escorts may ask you to do shower if she feels that you are not ready. Like a safety call, there is nothing personal about this and it is something standard things to make sure that both partners are clean and fresh before getting things started. Also one key thing is that escorts don’t usually have sexy without a condom so either you can buy a condom for yourself or even escorts may give you a condom to wear before getting things started. You may check and ensure that you keep a condom as well.

first-escort-greartGet things started

Every escort has a different approach about how to get started with client. Some girls like to start with a glass of wine and small chats in the couch or bed. Most of the escorts start off easy and try to make the things very slowly so that clients can get into the mood and seduced enough. Don’t be afraid to kiss her but it is gentleman thing to ask her instead before that “May I kiss you” or something like “Is it ok if we go to my bedroom”. These small talks may give her a signal that you want to start the intimate things. After all, escorts do understand their sole purpose and will ensure that their clients get value for money entertainment and enjoyment. So it is best to let her do all the things and get started.

Sexy stuff

Starting with foreplay like kissing and oral sex is something that will be given by most professional escorts. Keep in mind that this is all about getting a new experience. Once the things get started, you can have a good enjoyment as start with some sexy stuff like trying from different positions or engaging in different ways.

The finishing up

After your booking is over and you have had the fun of your life, it is important to let the lady take a shower. Escort will watch the time and tell you if she is getting late. She will gather her stuff and call her driver. You can always end your meeting with a thank you word. There is no need to promise another booking or get into any pressure of tipping her. You must remember that escort is a professional and the best thing you may take away is memories.